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We(HCWA) are celebrating 7th year of our association and  HCWA Sarbojonin Durgotsav this year. We the residents of Thanisandra organize various cultural and social events along with our flagship event "HCWA SARBOJONIN DURGOTSAV" for all residents living in and around the North Bangalore area with participation from major societies like Provident Harmony, Shobha City, Bhartiya City, Goyal Footprints and all other upcoming housing societies.

The proposed events from Harmony Cultural Welfare Association, is an amalgamation of Dushera, Ayudha Pooja, Durga Pooja and Navratri. The intent is to connect all festivals of North, South, East and West. This combination gives the special edge to connect with all people and inspire them to participate in the celebration. We have had a very successful launch of HCWA Sarbojonin Durgotsav throughout the years and are scaling up participation from all neighborhoods. Do check out and follow our last years event here to keep up to date.

  • Our Journey So Far
    Not everyday one gets to witness a small group of enthusiastic apartment-residents achieving the impossible!!! Yes, it was 2018 when, from the humble perimeter of a small tea-shop adda (informal banter) post Ganesha idol immersion, out sprang the enterprising idea of performing Durga Puja in the premises of Provident Harmony, Bangalore. Staging an event of the stature of Durga Puja is not a child's play and, quite naturally, the idea didn't gain much traction at the outset. “Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark” ~ Rabindranath Tagore As days rolled by, what initially seemed to be more of a wishful thinking led by a like-minded group of residents soon gave feathers to a firm resolve of welcoming Mother Durga into the society. However, all that we had in our arsenal at that point of time was merely the five-lettered word - "faith"!!! Durga Puja or "Durgotsav", also known as "Milanotsav" (Milan: Unity, Utsav: Celebration) is a festival which connects people across caste, creed, gender, social statures etc. From what initially seemed daunting, the firm resolve of the group of individuals bore fruit and, after days of tedious efforts, materialized into a unique amalgamation of India’s rich cultural diversity -- a synergizing event coined as ‘Harmony Mahotsav’. Bangalore thronged in large numbers -- Cultures greeted one other, songs erupted as numerous happy souls rejuvenated -- the stage was all set to be put on fire as time stood testimony to this unique-yet-grand celebration of Harmony! Well, the rest was history in the making...! Stepping out of the complacency of a gated community like "Provident Harmony" and re-instilling our focus towards achieving 'inclusive neighborhood', it has been 4 years since Harmony Mahotsav came into existence. With increased participations from our neighborhood our stature/presence has been growing ever since. Notably, laurels like "Best Ambience Sarad Samman Award-2019" was a feather in our cap! Given the unprecedented challenge faced by all during the pandemic of 2020 HCWA has been able to come out on top winning "Best Safety Measure Award Sarad Samman 2020" for medium category. To not limit people participations and to improve morale of people at home during festive season HCWA had done Live coverage of the entire event and was awarded "Mainstream Media Coverage 2020" by Sarad Samman from Eventex. Also continuing on our social responsibilities we were able to spread our undying support and love to our neighbouring community and orphanages, which was recognized by Maitree Bandhan and HCWA was given a "Social Responsibility Award 2020". Each year, Harmony Mahotsav has been able to reach out to many of those who, although being under-privileged, deserve to share a smile or two alongside us. Shaking a foot or two alongside us, time and again they have lent spark to our festivities showcasing how special they truly are! Bringing smiles to such hapless faces has been an integral motto of Harmony Mahotsav since its inception. Such is the unabated spirit of our team/group, that even the unprecedented pandemic situation could not take a toll on our intentions to stage this year's edition. This year like the last, the event will be hosted in a convenient location accessible to all - Harshodaya Convension Centre, 19th Cross Rd, M.C.E.C.H.S. Layout 1st Phase, Dr.Shivaram Karanth Nagar, Bengaluru. Given that we will be celebrating our 5th year of HCWA, there won't be any lax in our celebrations! However, in view of present pandemic situation & prevalent government protocols for safety of one and all, pertinent regulations will be put in place. Standing shoulder to shoulder through all the 'thick & thin' of life, the entire family of HCWA stands united & triumphs on the victories of good over evil. We take pride in stating that the unbeatable spirit of Harmony Mahotsav continues to inspire and motivate various sections of the society to adapt this model into their mainstream celebrations! Check out our FB page & Youtube channel to get lost in the magic of Harmony Mahotsav 2018|2019|2020|2021: Dating back to 2018, here's an eye-witness post shared by some of the event volunteers: And finally, soak yourself in the happiness that exudes from the below posts/pic...the positive vibes being just one among the million that a Harmony Mahotsav can bring to the fore:
  • Our Vision and Mission
    To promote close co-operation between Members and to render all possible advice and guidance to Members and to promote safeguarding of the people. To conduct "Harmony Mahotsav" our flagship program during Durga Puja/Dushera festival; this is an unique festival where we amalgamate the various cultural customs across various Indian communities like Durga Puja, Garba, Ayudha Puja, Golu Festival, Bathukamma into one single event, thus fostering camaraderie and brotherhood amongst people. To conduct various social, cultural and welfare activities throughout the year To promote our cultural value among the society and upcoming generation. To promote and conduct activities of literacy, culture, social or charitable nature and conduct research in such fields to acquaint with the cultural heritage. To promote welfare programmes and work towards improvement of civic amenities of the area and welfare of members. To promote our cultural value among the society and upcoming generation To work towards socio-cultural upliftment of general public irrespective of caste creed, sex or religion To create sense of brotherhood, cooperation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst people by promoting inter-cultural events To uphold Indian traditions and cultures and introducing the newer generations with the rich cultural heritage of our country To undertake developmental activities independently or in collaboration with other voluntary agencies To promote performing arts, literature, music among general public and younger generations To organize, conduct; establish social, educational and sports forum, organization and activities for the benefit of general public. To raise money through individual contributions, donations, sponsorships required for organizing cultural events for general public To work towards charitable purposes and aiding to natural calamities as much as possible To do such other things as may be considered as to be incidental or conductive to the attainment of the aforesaid objectives. To promote and encourage oneness amongst the members and to build the spirit of co-operation. To represent any statutory bodies or any authorities from time to time for common welfare.
  • How do I become a Member of HCWA?
    To experience the magic of HCWA you can reach out to the HCWA team via Email or Watsapp us on +919036050360
  • What are your Flagship Events?
    While we conduct numerous socio-cultural events throughout the year, but our flagship event remains "Harmony Mahotsav" which is an amalgamation of Durga Puja, Ayudha, Dussehra, Navratri typically held in the month of October as per ritualistic dates of the year.
  • Are there any membership fees?
    Our member experience is priceless...but yes, we typically charge a very nominal annual membership fee...reach out to our team via the many channels for more details. We highly recommend checking out our Facebook and Instagram sites.
  • Where are your events held?
    While our Flagship event is held at the coveted and humongous Harshodaya Convention Center in North Bangalore, other events are generally in and around North Bangalore... the other event destinations are a surprise for our members and they love the experience.
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