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We(HCWA) are celebrating 5th year of our association and  Harmony Mahotsav this year. We the residents of Thanisandra organize various cultural and social events along with our flagship event "HARMONY MAHOTSAV" for all residents living in and around the North Bangalore area with participation from major societies like Provident Harmony, Shobha City, Bhartiya City, Goyal Footprints and all other upcoming housing societies.

The proposed events from Harmony Cultural Welfare Association, is an amalgamation of Dushera, Ayudha Pooja, Durga Pooja and Navratri. The intent is to connect all festivals of North, South, East and West. This combination gives the special edge to connect with all people and inspire them to participate in the celebration. We have had a very successful launch of Harmony Mahotsav throughout the years and are scaling up participation from all neighborhoods. Do check out and follow our last years event here to keep up to date.

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