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Please fill this form before you enter the event premises. Once you fill the form, you will receive an email which is your gate pass for the event (RSVP).


The form needs to be filled at individual level (Parents, Kids, Accompanying Family members - all need individual gate pass) and its valid for that particular event which you have selected from the dropdown menu in the form.


We request everyone to answer the questions honestly. The safety of our patrons is of highest importance to us, so please co-operate with our volunteers. Please wear mask all time in the event premises. Keep your hand sanitized and contact our volunteers for any assistance.

Switch on and update you AROGYA SETU app in your mobile.What is the status of the app?
Are you experiencing(or experienced in the last 14 days) any one or more the following symptoms(Check if the anwer is yes for any or more of the following):
Have you travelled from/to or visited any containment zone in the last 14 days?

Thanks for submitting!

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